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What does Overun / Underrun mean? And why do they occur?


An over-run is when you order 500 plastic credit cards cases and you receive 515. An under-run occurs when you order 144 coffee mugs but receive only 140. Manufacturers would rather have a slight over-run than an under-run in case you need exactly 500 cases for a conference. As with any printing process extras are [...]

What does EQP mean?


EQP means End Quantity Pricing or End Column Pricing. Sometimes manufacturers will offer their products at EQP. This means you can buy 100 pens that usually sell for $2.00 each at the 100 pricing for $1.50 each because they are on special at EQP where $1.50 is the price at the 5000 or end column [...]

Can you print a certain color?


Usually yes. We call that a PMS Color Match. PMS stands for Pantone® Matching System. Most manufacturers can match your color if you supply a PMS number(s) with your order. PMS matching costs between $25 and $35 per color. Most manufacturers have standard ink colors that are free and are usually close to the color [...]

What is a running charge?


Most promotional items include a 1-color imprint as part of the base price. If you decide to have a 2-color imprint you will be charged, for example, $0.10 per item to print the second color. This is referred to as the running charge. If you print 3 colors you will be charge $0.20 per items [...]

Do I have to pay screen or setup charges every time I buy something?


No. Screen charges usually apply only if you are using a logo or special typestyle or fonts. Most manufactures have straight-line type available at no charge and some manufacturers have no screen or setup charges even for logos. Usually, you pay the screen or setup charges just once with the initial order for a specific [...]

What is a screen?


A screen is what the manufacturers use to place your imprint onto the promotional product you are ordering. As most promotional items have a unique imprint size a new screen is usually made for each item purchased. A screen has to be made for each color being printed. If you order a 3-color imprint you [...]

Do I have to pay for an order if the imprint is wrong?


If the factory made an error in producing your order and it was their fault they will redo the order at no extra charge to you. If the factory printed your order incorrectly and it missed your event date then you do not have to pay for the order. If you approved incorrect artwork and [...]

How long does a typical order take to be filled?


Most orders take 10-15 working days to produce. You will also need to add shipping time onto the order. In general, plan on 3 weeks for most orders without rush charges. Repeat orders usually take less time. Some companies can complete and order in 3 days while others might take 4 weeks. Production time can [...]