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These are the ones you carry with you in your purse, briefcase or portfolio. Sometimes you want something small, but sometimes you want to make a professional statement while staying organized.

Visor Calendars

2021-06-04T22:30:01+00:00Commercial & Professional Industries, Custom, Personal Calendars, Real Estate & Related Industries|

This car/truck visor calendar with a clip is the ideal promotional item for drivers and professionals who travel on the road frequently. These are 2022 calendars. Customized to your specifications, recipients will see your name anytime they refer to this calendar for the date - providing repeated brand exposure for your brand name or logo. [...]

Weekly Swivel Calculator

2017-07-10T22:45:48+00:00Custom, Office or Cubicle, Personal Calendars|

Your customers will never miss a deadline when they use the unique weekly swivel calculator! This weekly calculator is perfect for planning projects! Point the start arrow at the date your project will start and calculate the end date based on the number of weeks it will take. Your ad is prominently centered for maximum [...]

Desk Calendars

2019-09-12T19:59:20+00:00Custom, Doodle and Desk, Personal Calendars|

Coffee mug shaped desk calendar, standing. Give your message a boost with this caffeinated desk calendar. Top markets include: retail, general services and healthcare.  Here's an inexpensive way to get your ad noticed all year long! Deliver large advertising value for your business with these popular desk calendars! Have your company logo and contact info imprinted [...]

Multi-Colored Desk Pad

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Three layout options: Top imprint only, top and right side or top and both sides. You can specify colors throughout, as well. Many opportunities to customize these desk calendars. If you are stuck for ideas, let us know. We'll help you create a helpful, appreciated and popular calendar.