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What does Overun / Underrun mean? And why do they occur?2015-06-11T21:50:47+00:00

An over-run is when you order 500 plastic credit cards cases and you receive 515. An under-run occurs when you order 144 coffee mugs but receive only 140. Manufacturers would rather have a slight over-run than an under-run in case you need exactly 500 cases for a conference. As with any printing process extras are printed just in case some items did not print correctly. Call this a safety margin for your benefit. Only a few promotional items have over-run. The more expensive an item is the less likely of an over-run. Over-runs usually only occur on high speed, automatic presses.

What does EQP mean?2015-06-11T21:50:06+00:00

EQP means End Quantity Pricing or End Column Pricing. Sometimes manufacturers will offer their products at EQP. This means you can buy 100 pens that usually sell for $2.00 each at the 100 pricing for $1.50 each because they are on special at EQP where $1.50 is the price at the 5000 or end column pricing.

What is the difference between screen-printing and laser engraving?2015-06-11T21:49:54+00:00

Screen-printing places a layer of ink on the surface of your promotional item. Laser engraving uses a laser beam to burn (etch) your image into your promotional item. Items made of metal, glass, ceramic, wood and some plastics can be laser engraved.

Can you print a certain color?2015-06-11T21:49:41+00:00

Usually yes. We call that a PMS Color Match. PMS stands for Pantone® Matching System. Most manufacturers can match your color if you supply a PMS number(s) with your order. PMS matching costs between $25 and $35 per color. Most manufacturers have standard ink colors that are free and are usually close to the color you want to use.

What is a running charge?2015-06-11T21:49:30+00:00