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Commercial & Professional Industries have customers that need calendars and need a reminder of who gives them the best service. Automotive, repair shops, motorcycle accessory shops, boating chandleries, things with speed that need regular upgrades and repairs – this is perfect for your regular customers. You want them calling you first with their vehicle and repair needs.

Real Estate agents, home repair – if you don’t remember to stay in touch with them after they use your services, they won’t be back. But, having your brand in front of them for a year will keep your name out there, even if you forget to keep nurturing those past clients for future business. People like to know you want to help, even after the transaction is over. This is a subtle way to give them something to help.

Give them something they’ll use regularly, if not daily. Have your message greeting them every day, or whenever they need to mark down an event.

Swimsuit Calendars

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Beautiful swimsuit models boost appeal for the entire year with 12 gorgeous photos! Make your promotional efforts go va-va-voom with these gorgeous swimsuit calendars. These attractive organizational tools are a terrific promotional item for the automotive industry, general services, construction, or for any trade show. Your message is sure to stand out on this fantastic calendar. [...]


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Contractor calendars. These eye-catching calendars come in many different color schemes and will match your promotional needs! Julian dates are included on these heavy-duty calendars perfect for warehouses and other industrial sites. For a gift that will keep on giving, extend the offer of this contractor wall calendar to your clients! It measures 25" x [...]

Antique Trucks

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12 photos of antique trucks Classy and powerful antique trucks get the job done with style in this calendar! This colorful, USA-printed wall decor includes information about each featured truck. It's an ideal marketing tool for the trucking and automotive industries. This "dated" collection of old-style wheels will appeal to truck buffs and [...]

Visor Calendars

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This car/truck visor calendar with a clip is the ideal promotional item for drivers and professionals who travel on the road frequently. These are 2022 calendars. Customized to your specifications, recipients will see your name anytime they refer to this calendar for the date - providing repeated brand exposure for your brand name or logo. [...]

Junkyard Classics

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Home improvement and junkyard "junkies" will love this calendar of junkyard classics! Original paintings by artist Dale Klee make this an excellent collector's item. This calendar is an ideal marketing tool for the home improvement and automotive industries. Measuring 11" x 10" when closed, this collection of classic art spreads your promotional message wherever it [...]