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Commercial & Professional Industries have customers that need calendars and need a reminder of who gives them the best service. Automotive, repair shops, motorcycle accessory shops, boating chandleries, things with speed that need regular upgrades and repairs – this is perfect for your regular customers. You want them calling you first with their vehicle and repair needs.

Real Estate agents, home repair – if you don’t remember to stay in touch with them after they use your services, they won’t be back. But, having your brand in front of them for a year will keep your name out there, even if you forget to keep nurturing those past clients for future business. People like to know you want to help, even after the transaction is over. This is a subtle way to give them something to help.

Give them something they’ll use regularly, if not daily. Have your message greeting them every day, or whenever they need to mark down an event.

Die-cut Calendars

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Die-cut calendars are interesting and are usually displayed longer and more prominently. They become decorative, even after the year is over. This cityscape design, Build-A-City Die-Cut Desk Calendar, the monthly calendar grids will appear on the various buildings in this cityscape - 6 months on the front and 6 months on the back. The customer's [...]