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Religion, Faith & Spirituality are at the core of who we are. These calendars touch on those elements of US. Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Episcopal, motivations from nature, something greater than us. That’s what it’s about. The reminder of what we are a part of, or that is a part of us comes through in these calendars. There are also helpful reminders of holy days for each. These are ideal for parishioners, members of temples, holiday gifts. Some churches use these as an opportunity for sponsors to have their message. Common companies are funeral homes, florists. Be creative, perhaps three companies want to go in together on this opportunity to get their brand in front of their target audience and faith community. You could create one logo file that has them all in a row and then add the website and phone in the copy area – everyone is covered.  It’s a positive way to be involved in your religious, faith and spiritual community.


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Need some motivation? This 13-month calendar offers up more than a year's worth. This collection pairs up inspiration photographs with thoughts on strength, endurance, determination, and other healthy human traits. This 10 1/2" x 18 1/4" stapled day timer is printed on durable 60 lb. paper stock with crisp text and a glossy, coated cover. [...]