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Cars, Cycles & Vehicles should be renamed to,  “Things with engines that are cool and fast”. We have included all types of cars – current and classic, as well as planes, motorcycles and trains.

And yes, beautiful women and cars are not a new thing, nor are they outdated. Classy Chassis is a tongue and cheek way of telling you what you will see. A favorite addition this year is the Big Rigs calendar as well as the new Trains. BIG items for BIG speed. These calendars are ideal for repair shops, tire shops, drivers ed classrooms. The classic cars, trucks and muscle cars bring back memories, even if you weren’t there, you’ve hopefully seen enough movies prior to Fast and Furious series to appreciate the eras these came from and what it says about our history. Americans and their autos – it’s our culture. Adding in trains, motorcycles and airplanes just made it more interesting.

Classic Tractors

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Vintage Tractors calendars. Enjoy these vibrant photographic collections featuring the mainstay of farm machinery: the tractor. The hardworking tractor is shown throughout its interesting and extensive history. It will appeal to farm and machinery enthusiasts and is an ideal mailer for the agriculture and manufacturing sectors. These collections of old-fashioned farm machinery highlight your promotional [...]

Antique Trucks

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12 photos of antique trucks Classy and powerful antique trucks get the job done with style in this calendar! This colorful, USA-printed wall decor includes information about each featured truck. It's an ideal marketing tool for the trucking and automotive industries. This "dated" collection of old-style wheels will appeal to truck buffs and [...]

Junkyard Classics

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Home improvement and junkyard "junkies" will love this calendar of junkyard classics! Original paintings by artist Dale Klee make this an excellent collector's item. This calendar is an ideal marketing tool for the home improvement and automotive industries. Measuring 11" x 10" when closed, this collection of classic art spreads your promotional message wherever it [...]


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  Truck-themed appointment calendars. Feast your eyes on these fabulous haulers, both from the good old days and the present! Whether a collector or truck enthusiast, you'll definitely want to get behind the wheel of all thirteen trucks featured in these calendars. From big rigs to dream wheels, you're sure to be inspired by these powerful [...]

Street Rods

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They're powerful. They're stylish. They're really cool. These calendars feature thirteen hot street/custom rods that will start your motor racing month after month. Featuring high-quality imagery of amazing street cars, these hot rods will steal attention all year long. Ideal for automotive, manufacturing and retail markets.