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Culture & Ethnicity: We are the sum of our cultures.

From our parents and back, when we marry and add to our family through in-laws and more – they bring their culture, their ethnicity. Some of us have the privilege to adopt other cultures. Culture is also about lifestyle such as being focused on being GREEN, healthy, inner city expressions such as graffiti art. These calendars cover ethnicity: African American, Jewish, Mexican, Latin American, South American. We are our faith, too. Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Episcipol and Christian in general. What do you consider culture? What are the ethnicities that make up you? How about your clients and employees? Include them, get to know their culture. It’s more than about the food, although that’s pretty fantastic.

Mexico Wall Calendars

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Mexico appointment calendar. Bienvenido a Mexico! Crisp, colorful photos explore the scenery, rich culture and traditions of this country. Bilingual pad with Spanish/English month headings, holidays and captions. Bilingual: Spanish and English. Quality, recycled gloss stock. 13 month pad in full-color.

Jewish Themed Calendars

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These thirteen-month calendars celebrate the important symbols, holy days and sacred sites of Jewish history and culture. Jewish life and heritage are highlighted through vibrant images. Perfect for synagogues and Jewish charities, this calendar spreads your promotional message wherever it hangs. Invest in one of these useful and informative guides to the Jewish year.  [...]