Have you ever seen computer keyboard calendars? Or customized mouse pad Calendars? These fun, customized at-a-glance calendars are super handy, and the bonus is your business and logo is seen every day of the year. But…these computer accessory calendars are also versatile. They’re not just for your computers~ Let’s check out some of the off-label uses for these handy calendars:

Creative Uses for Computer Accessory Calendars

  1. Our keyboard calendars don’t have to go on your keyboards. They are adhesive, so you can stick them just about anywhere. How about your monitor? Your car dashboard is another great place. What’s cool about these calendars is that they can be removed easily with no adhesive left behind, and re-affixed where ever you want!
  2. Mouse pad calendars make for a nice place to put your coffee cup on your desk. No more coffee mug rings! It could double as a hot pad for your eat-lunch-at-your-desk lunches, too!
  3.  Microfiber lens cloths can do more than clean your screens. Use them for your glasses, and even your car windows. Ours come with a pouch so it’s portable,

Search our catalog for the one you want, and then create a virtual sample! Creating a virtual sample lets you play around and get your logo, colors and design just right. Order soon for 2017 and be ready for your fall campaigns, events and giveaways.

Trade Show Time

Be ready for your shows! Try something unique to give away at your booth: Clip boards or padfolios! We offer a huge variety of sizes and types, with the same quality and service you expect from us.

Holidays are around the corner!

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