appointmentbookcalendarsThere’s something about putting pen to paper that just feels right. With all of the digital calendar options available to us, you’d think our brains with be catching up, but research has continued to show that writing things down better solidifies the things we’re trying to remember into our brains. Appointment book calendars are still the way to go. Here’s why:

Why Appointment Book Calendars are Still the Best

  1. Fast – just like your smartphone, but did you know we’re still faster at writing than entering information into our phones?
  2. Remember better – Science keeps telling us recall is improved when we write things down manually. You don’t want to miss those important appointments? Give yourself the best chance: write it down.
  3. Portable – Appointment book calendars come in a variety of sizes, so you can carry it with you wherever you go, or keep it handy at your desk.
  4. Cool-looking – No boring appointment book calendars here. Choose from a huge variety of sizes and covers, all customizable with your logo.
  5. Great giveaways for your clients – Give away something unique. Key chains are a dime a dozen. Stand out – give your business associates something they can actually use!
Appointment Book Calendars

Portable, custom appointment book calendars

It’s time to start thinking ahead to your business calendar needs for 2017. Start with us! We offer many options, including colors, logos, and quick turnaround. Check out all of our our appointment book calendars: Desk Pad Doodle Calendars. These make thoughtful giveaways for your clients and employees alike.

Trade Show Time

Be ready for your shows! Try something unique to give away at your booth: Clip boards or padfolios! We offer a huge variety of sizes and types, with the same quality and service you expect from us.

Holidays are around the corner!

Starting to think head to fall and the holidays? Don’t forget about our Holiday Card site: Holiday Cards for every holiday, including Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Years, and many more.