Business Calendars: paper desk calendar

It’s really tempting, isn’t it? The latest and greatest calendar app. Nice colors, easy to use on the go….here’s why you still want a regular, old fashioned paper desk calendar:

Five Reasons You Need a Paper Desk Calendar

  1. Notes notes notes. Studies have shown that in spite of all our digital-ness, your brain still likes it when you write. If you have a desk calendar, all your notes, ideas, appointments phone numbers and ever-important doodles are all right in front of you all the time.
  2. A place mat for your lunch. Working through lunch? Don’t want a messy desk? Voila! Paper desk calendar to the rescue. Once the month is over, you get a fresh new place mat for your coffee and working lunches.
  3. No account necessary. Handing over your email address and other personal details to create a calendar on one of the smartphone calendar apps make you feel a little suspicious? Your paper desk calendar won’t pry and it won’t get hacked.
  4. Total personalization. Make it yours! Apps only have so much you can customize to fit how you and your brain work best. Paper calendars allow you to make your own system with symbols, color coding – whatever you want.
  5. You can still have a digital calendar. No need to play favorites. Digital calendars are great when you’re on the go, need info on your next appointment quickly, etc. But we still say nothing beats a good, old-fashioned paper desk calendar that you can doodle on. 

It’s time to start thinking ahead to your business calendar needs for 2017. Start with us! We offer many
options, including colors, logos, and quick turnaround. Check out all of our our paper desk calendar choices: Desk Pad Doodle Calendars. These make thoughtful giveaways for your clients and employees alike.Business Calendars: paper desk calendar

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